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Why Walking Your Dog is Good for You

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Are you having problems sticking to a fitness regimen regularly? Well if you are a dog owner then fret not. Nature’s best personal trainer is right here under your nose and you should take advantage of that. So instead of going for a normal walk, try to go for a power sprint with your dog. Your canine pal is there for you to raise up your fitness levels.

A dog is really a man’s best friend be it in any situation, even it is your health. Research shows that people who walk their dogs are more likely to stay fit, because they take them out thrice a week for long walks coupled with daily walks twice of 24 minutes. This results in roughly over 8 hours of activity which is more than what people who have gym memberships get. The following are reasons why you need to stay fit with your dog.

1. Makes you stay active and boosts your health

Dogs are active creatures by default, and going out for a daily jog with them is going to pump you up a lot. Not only will you be burning calories yourself but your dog will benefit as well. It will make you stay motivated, and the dog will run with you by staying at the same pace. Research has found that dog owners are 25% less likely to be obese compared to those who had no dogs. It’s not a surprising correlation yet very interesting to know.

2. Provides companionship

If you don’t like going out alone, because of reasons such as being bored or you think its unsafe jogging early in the morning or late evening, then that’s the best option for you. Your canine pal will love hanging out with you. Dogs have this innate ability to bond with others and spending time regularly with them is going to make your bond with them even stronger.

3. Helps in socializing

One of the benefits of walking your dog is that it helps you socialize with other dog lovers and people walking their dogs. It helps breaking the ice with people easily and you can make new friends around the neighborhood. You can take your furry friend to different pet friendly places and see the magic work. Sometimes it even acts as your wingman if there is a cute person of your interest around. Ever watched 101 dalmations? The way Roger’s pet Dalmatian Pongo helped him find his future wife is not really that far from the truth.

4. Makes you more disciplined

Walking your dog definitely makes you more disciplined because your daily walks are scheduled and once your dog gets used to it, it will come reminding you that “it’s time human!’. Remember, a dog needs to be walked twice a day as well because it has so much energy inside to be released. On dogless days such as business trips or vacations while your canine buddy is away, you would still get out of bed and want to go out for your daily sprint just because you are used to it by then.

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