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What Makes a Good Dog Walker

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When you have the responsibility to take care of those adorable furry little creatures, there are some necessary skills that you must have.

A good dog walker does not treat dog walking as a job, but as a calling. They don’t spend time with dogs because they are required to, but because they enjoy their company.

You need several qualities to be a good dog walker. Here are few of those traits:

Relevant Experience

You can’t hand your best friend over to a dog walker with no experience. The job of the dog walker is not just getting your dog to exercise and walk around, but to know everything they need to so they can be great companions. They need to know how much exercise your dog needs, what their feeding time is, what medication they are supposed to give them, and so much more.  They should be willing and able to do all these tasks.

A good dog walker has the relevant experience on how to handle your dog’s needs and wants.

Physically Fit

Your dog needs exercise and play time. A good dog walker needs to be physically fit to provide it to them. It is not just walking around, you have to play with them, and sometimes even run with them.

Every dog has a different pace. A good dog walker should be able to keep up with them. Not the marathon running kind of pace, but something that keeps the dog happy.


We allow our dog walker to enter our homes and our dog’s hearts. There are certain responsibilities that come with that job.

They should always keep an eye on the dog while they are out with them. All potential dangers should be kept in mind; cars, construction sites, and even other dogs.

An alternative escape route and plan should always be ready,: who knows when you might have to use it.

Another responsibility of a dog walker is to carry around extra poop bags, treats, and a first aid kit; better safe than sorry.

Good Communication Skills

Good communication skills with clients are an important trait in a good dog walker. For a dog walker to be great, they should be able to communicate with the client and the dog. If they can’t communicate openly, any concerns they might have will go unanswered.

Also, the good times must be shared as well. A healthy back-and-forth between the client and the dog walker is important. How else will you get those adorable pictures in the park?

Comfortable Around Animals

This is perhaps the most important quality of a dog walker. You don’t have to be a pet owner to be comfortable around animals; you just have to love them. If dogs can see your affection towards them, they will trust you to take care of them.

A good dog walker should be passionate and responsible. If your dog walker has these skills, they are a keeper.

If you’re looking for a dog walker in the Chicago and surrounding areas, give us a call. You can also schedule a complimentary "meet and greet" with us where we will introduce ourselves, understand your needs and requests, and guarantee that your fur ball is in the best hands.

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