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What Is a Dog Walker and What Can They Do for You?

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Two reasons you might be wondering, "What is a dog walker?" You're either looking for one and wonder what services they offer, or you're hoping to become one and want to know how to stand out.

In the following article, we'll be answering this question for the customer. However, aspiring dog walkers hoping to join a billion-dollar industry and gain financial freedom or earn extra income can take note. If you display these qualities, you'll likely have more business than you can handle.

1. Dog Walkers Offer Companionship

A dog walker is first and foremost a companion. Pet ownership is practiced worldwide, with more than 421 million dogs and cats in homes from the US to China.

For most of these pet owners, their dogs or cats are more than pets. They are family members, and the thought of their family member being cooped up in a house all day with no companionship is too much to bear.

Aside from the walk itself, dog walkers can offer some much-needed support to these furry family members. They do it with kindness, playtime, and love.

2. They Offer an Extra Set of Eyes

Dog walking done right means that you are there to do more than simply get the dog exercise. You also are attentive to the dog's needs, and if anything is wrong with him or her, you notice and relay your concerns to the pet owner.

As a pet owner, it's not unreasonable to expect some updates throughout the day. That means detailed reporting as to the dog's energy and activity levels.

3. They Provide Relief

If you've been working all day, it can be tiring to deal with a pet's amped-up energy at the end of a long one. Dog walkers give a dog enough activity so they maintain a more even keel throughout the night or at least settle down more quickly once the woman or man of the house returns home.

4. Dog Walkers Have the Right Temperament

A person stands a much better chance of landing dog walker jobs if they can win the dog's trust immediately. Pet owners should insist on seeing the dog walker with their dog before committing to the hire. Professional dog walkers should be fine with this.

5. Breed Knowledge

Some breeds have more challenges than others. For example, the respiratory issues of a Pug might require walking a shorter distance than the dog walker is used to. Having specific breed knowledge will allow the dog walker to know when they should adjust.

6. And Treat Their Job Like a Profession

Dog walker services should be something a pet owner can count on. That means knowing their furry friend will be taken care of on time, consistently, and with minimal breaks in the routine. Dog walkers who don't adhere to this are merely hobbyists. 

What Is a Dog Walker But Another Loving Companion

Just what is a dog walker if not someone who takes the health, wellness, and needs of the dog seriously? By paying close attention to the six items we've presented above, dog walkers can know what to expect from the people they are serving.

More importantly, pet owners and their dogs can rest easy knowing that the bond of love that exists between them can continue to be nurtured throughout the day, even when they can't be together. For pet services you can count on, Chicago, click here

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