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5 lessons Dogs teach us

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5 lessons Dogs teach us

Having a dog makes you feel loved like no other pet could. We think that we are the ones who are teaching our dogs tricks but little do we know or fail to realize is that they in turn give us these golden nuggets of life’s wisdom everyday in different ways or behaviors. Here are 5 of those lessons. (They are not in order of any relevance)

1. Staying hydrated

You probably didn’t think this would be included but it is no less important than any other life advice. Staying hydrated is essential for health and beauty. Our bodies are 75% water and the amount of water you consume greatly affects the organs of your body. From the kidneys inside to the surface on your skin, water covers everything. Dogs love to drink water and because of their fast metabolism they stay energized. They always drink to water before and after a walk so learn a little from that pooch of yours.

2. They know when to stop

They are simple creatures when it comes to food; they eat only the amount their body requires. Sure they like to be treated every now and then but they never go overboard. So have a binge day every once in a blue moon and go crazy with all the junk food but come back to a healthy eating lifestyle with good eating portions.

3. Love trumps all

Have you ever seen stray and violent dogs? If you ever approach them they either run away with fear and hide or try to attack violently. It’s the fight or flight mode. Once these dogs are rescued and taken care of, they transform and become gentle creatures. They lose their fears and are not violent anymore. This is what human beings need to learn from them. There is hope for everyone and humans can change through love.

4. Playful and enjoy life

This goes without saying but dogs are the most playful animal on land while dolphins are the dogs of the sea. Learn from dogs that there is always time for play and always have a sense of wonder and curiosity in life. They are always ready to have fun and play with their owners. They live in the moment and enjoy the little things of life equally as the big ones.

5. Loyal and selfless

Loyalty is embedded within their core. It stems from the unconditional love they have for their owners. Many people these days have stopped being loyal to their friends and family. The materialistic and opportunistic world has left people with real true friends. But dogs are always dependable. They will always be protective of you and always try to make you happy.

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