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Walking Your Dog Safely

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Dog walking is an exciting undertaking; it enhances the bond between you and your dog. Plus, walking your dog is a healthy activity for both them and you. However, there are certain safety tips you must adhere to when you walk your dog. After all, you don’t want your dog to go off leash, chasing a cat, dog or worst, a person. Hence are some safety guidelines to follow.

Make a Plan

Before taking your dog out for a nice stroll, plan ahead and decide on the location. There might be certain laws in parks that don’t permit dogs to enter or you might not be allowed to frolic with your dog on the beach. Therefore, check out the rules and regulations and then proceed to the desired area.

Always Use a Leash

A leash is extremely important as it will prevent your dog from chasing other animals or people and let them know who’s in control. Leashes can be attached to both collars and harnesses. However, ensure the leash is not damaged in anyway; always use the proper technique of holding the leash using your dominant hand.


Your dog can get thirsty even during winters; hence, bring a water bottle or a bowl if your dog is unable to drink out of a bottle. Dogs don’t sweat like human beings; they cool off through their pads and through panting. Always find some shade and hydrate your dog as well yourself during walking sessions.

Don’t Forget Your Dog’s Tags

Dog tags are an important way to help you track your dog and recover them if they get lost or stolen. Before heading out, put the tags on your dog’s collar, but make sure they are updated. You can also get a microchip for your dog if finances allow it.

Never Let Your Dog Eat Anything

Dogs cannot eat anything and therefore, you should keep them away from things like fungus, garbage, specific plants, insects, animal droppings, and road kill. Your dog can easily get infected and catch a deadly disease as these things contain dangerous parasites and microbes. You need to stay alert and pull your dog away from anything suspicious.

Take Your Dog to a Vet in Case of an Emergency

Just like people, dogs are susceptible to dangerous situations. Although some dogs might be stronger than others, it doesn’t mean they are invincible. Therefore, if your dog faces a perilous situation like a dog fight or is attacked by another animal or they eat something poisonous, don’t think! Immediately take them to the vet.

Don’t Use Insect Repellant

Insects, ticks, mosquitoes, etc. are annoying to both humans and dogs. If your dog itches and scratches him or herself constantly, do not spray insect repellants on them. This is because most repellants contain a chemical compound called DEET which can cause serious neurological damage. Instead, you can request your vet for a safe and alternative solution.

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