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Walking Your Dog in Winter

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The most wonderful time of the year is finally approaching; you can already feel the dry, crisp, and cold air kissing your face when the sun goes down. Winter preparations are already underway and you have started unpacking your winter clothes. Taking of your health during winters is vital as you wouldn’t want to fall ill during the holidays!

But have you given a thought to your dog? Although dogs have a stronger immune system than humans, they still are vulnerable to the harsh cold winds when they go out for a walk. Therefore, it’s important to keep in mind certain tips before you take your best friend out for a stroll.

Feed them Properly

It’s perfectly natural and 100 percent healthy for your dog to be twice as hungry in winters than summers. This is because dogs produce more body heat than humans and hence, that consumes a lot of energy. Just like you tend to feel hungrier in winters, your dog will as well.

Therefore, feed your dog sufficiently and keep a check on any frozen food items lying around. In fact, remove them immediately. Secondly, you need to monitor your dog’s water bowl; science 101 states that water freezes during winters, so you don’t want your dog to be thirsty. Thirdly, don’t let your dog overeat.

Since they will be going out less frequently and receiving less exercise, fat can accumulate on their bodies, thereby making them overweight.

Get them Vaccinated

Winters, although joyful and full of hope, also brings along its own set of problems; you tend to fall sick and get a flu, fever, and cough and as soon as you do, you run to the doctor. On the other hand, your dog might be suffering from the same. Dogs are prone to the common cold, cough, fever, arthritis, toothaches, and heart problems in winters.

So, what should you do? Take your dog to the vet and get them checked. If it is necessary, get them vaccinated as well. However, the need for vaccination depends on many factors and only your vet will be able to discuss them with you.

Make them Wear Warm Clothing

This point might make some of you smile, but it’s not just about beautifying your dog for a dog show; rather, it is about their well-being! It’s true that a dog’s fur is thick enough to protect them from the cold winds, but what if you own a breed that belongs to a more warm or temperate climate?

Before taking them out for a walk, ensure you put on them jackets, sweaters, mitts, and boots. Boots are necessary as they will protect your dog’s feet from the ice, sleet, salt, etc. Furthermore, if they sleep outside in a kennel, tuck them in a blanket. You can do the same if they sleep inside for extra protection. Moreover, never let them eat ice, snow or antifreeze.

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