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Walking your dog

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Walking your dog

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We live in an age where being glued to the TV screen, computer monitors and smartphones has become a norm. We spend countless hours staring at pixels on a piece of plastic and engage less in physically strenuous activities. When we plan on adopting a dog, it never crosses our mind that these mutts, unlike us, do not have access to these technological devices – and so remaining indoors for excessive periods of time without facing the fresh breeze of the outdoors has a definitive role in the physical and mental breakdown of your dog.

Dogs are social animals that are innately curious about the world around them; they are physical animals that need constant exercise. It is selfish to think that just coming home from work and simply rubbing over their backs is enough to satisfy their needs. As an owner you’re just satisfying your own social needs while your dog is left physically frustrated.
There are many health and social benefits to be derived from walking your dog. Some of these are listed below:

1) Socialization
There’s a reason why dogs, instead of some random bird or lizard, are man’s best friend. Dogs are highly social animals that need interaction with other creatures from the outside world. It is important to take them to parks and other public areas where they can meet and fraternize with other dogs and hence develop their social skills. Professional dog walking services such as Fancy Paws World actually allow your pet to interact with other dogs, so they get both physical and emotional relief. Exposure to the outside world will help them become confident and overcome anxieties.

2) Health
When your dog is deprived of physical activity for too long a time, they quickly gain weight and become overweight slobs prone to diseases such as cancer and diabetes. Walking your dog doesn’t have to be a completely pointless activity from your point of view. You can train it to ‘sit’, ‘fetch’ and ‘stay’.

3) Bonding
Bonding is a complex process that takes place both indoors and outdoors. When you play fetch with your dog, the excitement to retrieve the ball and then hand it over to you so you can throw the ball again creates special memories inside both your’s and the dog’s minds. These memories cannot be created in the confines of your home. A deep relationship is characterized by frequent bouts of physical activity involving walking, running and playing games of fetch.

Who knows you might discover that your dog has panache for sports activities. Games of agility, dog jumping and fly ball are all activities that are being played on a professional level. Have your dog participate in some of these activities and maybe win a few medals. If not, at least your canine will gain new insights about other dogs and places.

The worst that could ever happen by participating in sports activities is your dog becoming physically fit and active.

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