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Walking With Your Dog on the Beach

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There are certain things you need to ensure in order to have a great walk by the beach:

1. Wear sunscreen

This applies to both you and your dog but since we are talking about your dog specifically, it’s important to know that just like humans, dogs also need to be protected from the sun’s harsh rays. Don’t be fooled by your dog’s fur into thinking that it doesn’t need any protection. There are sunscreens made for dogs which you can use. Just make sure it doesn’t contain any zinc oxide. Apply it on your dog’s nose and ears. The groin and belly areas as well, if it likes to lie down on its back. Sunscreen is important for dogs if you know you are going to be out in the sun for a long time and especially if they are pink skinned and nosed, have a thin coat or are shaved.

2. Protect the paws

Just when you think you had protected your dog with sunscreen, you realize that you need to protect your 4 legged animal’s paws from extreme heat or cold too. Regardless of what season you are going in, the sand will either be really hot to make it burn its paws or be really cold to make it uncomfortable. Apply special waxes which come for a paw on your dog’s paws and then it’s good to go.

3. Check if your dog likes the water

Most dogs are natural swimmers but some don’t like the water much. So if it’s your dog’s first time at the beach, then slowly introduce it to the sea water. Make it dip its feet in the water first. We are safely assuming that you have a leash on your dog at all times to avoid any accidents. Additionally, it’s good to invest in a dog’s life vest if you are planning to swim or surf.

4. Remember to Hydrate

Walking, running and playing around at the beach can be tiresome for your dog and it might need some water to hydrate itself. Pack a collapsible water bowl for your dog. Also pack some water to wash your dog with if the dog has played in the sand and has sand on its face. There might be shower areas but it’s not always available for pets.

5. Take toys along

Don’t forget to take toys to the beach like a ball or Frisbee for your dog. This will keep it engaged and help you have a good time.

6. Find some shade

Unless it’s a short walk by the beach, find some shade for yourself and your dog because regardless of sun protection, it’s good to take a break from the hot rays.

7. Post beach clean up

Clean up your dog before making it enter the car and also have a separate towel or mat in the car so that your dog doesn’t spread sand inside the car. Always give your dog a bath after coming back because there could be residual sand and salt on it.

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