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Top 5 Tips for a Healthy and Happy Dog

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A healthy dog is a happy dog. Your dog is like a member of your family so its health should be equally important to you. Dogs are the only animals on this earth that are so easy to please and make happy. But many pet owners (especially new dog owners) tend to ignore or forget the needs of dogs. Here are 5 sure fire tips that will make sure your canine pal stays healthy and happy.

⦁ Provide good food

People always ensure what they are getting is healthy and organic. They try their best to have a good diet and always read the labels on foods. Why should your dog’s diet be any different? It’s always best to give a raw based diet to your pup. Giving pet food that has too many preservatives can be harmful in the long run. Also don’t get your dog in the habit of eating the junk food you eat. Dogs are sensitive and can easily have an upset tummy. You wouldn’t want frequent trips to the vet now, would you?

⦁ Give plenty of water

Dogs are active animals by default and so with all the physical activity they do during the day, they require lots of water to hydrate themselves. The daily required water intake of a dog depends on the size, age, weight and physical activity it does. Typically you should give it 9-16 ounces of water a day.

⦁ Exercise

Dogs have so much pent up energy inside them and that energy needs to be released. Whether it’s in the form of play or a walk, but it is really important. If they don’t get their energy released, then they get frustrated and start getting aggressive. Some of the signs are chewing furniture, wall corners, shoes etc., this behavior is a call for attention. They need to be let out and walked daily. Depending on the breed, some dogs even require walks twice. People who don’t have time to do so due to work or other commitments hire dog walkers to do that for them.

⦁ Play

Dogs are highly social animals and love to interact with humans. They love to play with us and are always trying to engage us in some activity. Make it a point to play with your dog every day in some way or the other. This activity can be included during a walk in the park as well. Get your dog some toys to chew on as well.

⦁ To neuter or not to neuter

Although a lot of pet owners prefer this, but if you can handle the behavioral changes of your dog then you can opt out. Some pet owners like their dogs to have puppies and never get them neutered or spayed.



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