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5 Tips for Choosing the Right Dog Walking Services for You

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Choosing the right dog walking services for you can be difficult if you don't know what to look for. Read on and learn more.

You love your dog more than anything else in the world. You'd do anything to keep them healthy and safe. And you know that they need at least one long walk every day. But life's demands have finally caught up with you, and you find yourself looking at your lonely, hyperactive pooch, unable to give them their daily walk. There's an easy solution to this dilemma: dog walking services. Basic dog walking services will give your animal the daily refreshment they need without you having to sacrifice a part of your day. You'll come home from your busy day to a happy, relaxed pet because they've gotten the exercise they need. How do you know if you've found a good dog walking service? Keep reading for some basic qualifiers for the best dog walkers.

1. Love the Animal

More than anything else, you need to find a dog walker that loves animals. Introduce the walker to your dog, and see how the walker and your dog interact. You can easily and quickly tell the difference between a dog lover and a dog tolerator. Your best friend deserves to have someone who loves her as much as you do. Talk to other dog owners in the Chicago area for recommendations as well. They can point you to a walking service that loves animals.

2. Establish Expectations

Once you've found someone who loves dogs, establish clear expectations with the dog walking company. Good professional dog walkers have experience working with all kinds of animals and personalities. You need someone who understands dog behavior, so ask questions about the walker's experience. A good dog walker can see when a dog is afraid versus stressed. Then they can help your dog as they walk them.

3. Explain Your Dog

Take time to talk to the dog walker about your dog's idiosyncrasies and habits. Some dogs sniff everything they walk by. Others will chase after squirrels or other small creatures. Let your potential walker know about all of your dog's bad habits so they're not caught off guard the first time they walk the dog. Let them know about your neighborhood if you have an aggressive neighborhood dog or persnickety cat that sets off your pet.

4. Determine Frequency

Establish how many times you want your dog walked, and then make sure your dog walker can meet that need. Do you want your dog walked once a day every day? Do you have a specific time when you want the dog walked? Let the dog walker know exactly when you need their services, and then see if they can fit you into the schedule.

5. Settle the Budget

Dog walking services will cost you money, but in the end, it saves time and energy. Establish early on how much you will pay so you can see right away who can help you out. Do some research. See what others in your neighborhood pay for the same service so you know what to expect when you talk to a prospective walker. If you feel like a dog walking service is costly, consider the future costs of an overweight, unhealthy dog.

Dog Walking Services Save

Ultimately, a dog walking service will save you time and money. A walked dog is a healthy dog. You will save money on avoidable vet bills due to an overweight and unhealthy pet in the future if you look into dog walking services today. Are you looking for a dog walking service? Contact us today for a meet and greet. We'd love to take your dog for a walk.

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