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Dog Walking Tips & Advice

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Dogs are a man’s best friend and this is proved when you want a companion to go out for a walk; they can be great companions as long as they are obedient and well-behaved. Walking a dog might seem easy, but it is not. You have to know certain methods and tips to walk your dog properly, so that you can handle your furry friend and yourself in an adequate manner. Here is some advice and a few tips when it comes to walking your dog.

Use a Leash

Before you take your dog out for a walk, it’s highly recommended to put a leash around their collar or harness. This is done to prevent your dog from chasing other dogs or animals such as cats or scaring people. If your dog is used to wearing a harness, attach the leash to it, instead of the collar.

Dog leashes should be strong and sturdy. You can use retractable leashes, but they should be heavy duty, especially if your dog has the habit of chewing or biting them. 

Don’t Forget a Bag

A bag? For what? Well, you must have figured it by now; before going out with your dog, carry a plastic bag or scooper to pick up your dog’s poop along the way. Wear the plastic bag on your hand, pick up the droppings, and turn it inside out. You can then tie the bag afterwards. 

Make sure to carry at least two bags and you can also use produce bags for this purpose. But make sure that there are no holes or tears in the bag!

Take Along Some Water

Before you head out with your dog, carry a water bottle for yourself and for your dog. However, some dogs cannot drink water from a bottle; hence, you might want to consider taking a bowl instead. Your dog will gladly drink water from the palms of your hands and if you do come across a bowl at the dog run or dog park, empty it first and then give it to your dog.

Monitor Your Dog’s Body Temperature

Generally speaking, dogs do not require clothing; however, this may not be true for skinny or smaller dogs. If your dog belongs to a warmer region, you might want to make them wear a jacket if you reside in a cold climate. On the flipside, when you are walking on ice or snow, it’s better to make them wear boots. Remember that dogs regulate their body temperature automatically.

Stay Away From Unenclosed Areas

If you are the owner of a younger dog, chances are they might not listen to you often and they tend to run off to explore different areas. If this is the case, never let your dog off their leash and stay within an enclosed location such as dog runs that are fenced-in. Moreover, carry some treats to get your dog’s attention during troublesome situations.

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