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How to Train Your Dog in Easy Ways

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The first thing you need to do after getting your dog is to train it to be a good dog. Training is just as essential as any other aspect because that’s what will make your dog a good pet. At first, it may seem like a strenuous task and most people get overwhelmed by it, especially if it’s their first dog.

The truth is, the task of training a dog can be difficult but there are ways you can break it down in and make it simple. You don’t have to train your dog to jump hoops the second day. It takes time and patience. Here are a few ways you can train your dog in:

House Rules

The first set of rules has to be the house rules. House rules include the area your dog’s den will be. It also includes the go and no-go areas for your dog. There has to be perimeter in your house where the dog can be, or otherwise, you are going to face a disaster. Young dogs are super active and they will peep their noses into every little space they can find. You can enforce the idea of the no-go areas by closing the doors or having some blockades in the area you don’t want your dog to enter.

Eating habit

Another thing you have to do is set a routine for your dog that he sticks to. Having a fixed routine is essential in your dog training. The way you will set it for him will be the way he is going to be for the days and years to come. So decide on a time when he will eat and when you’ll take him out.

Potty training

The next thing you have to decide is where his potty area will be. When you are setting the routine, you should make sure he poops in a particular place outside. And when he does it, you should reward him to reinforce the idea. Also, be ready if there are any accidents and the dog poops inside your house. Don’t punish your dog right away. It takes time for the dog to learn.

Come training

The dog respond to you and coming is one of the most important skills it needs to learn. Your dog should be able to listen and respond when you call. To train your dog to come you should start by being in a quiet and open area. Then step away from him and say yes. You should be excited and be loud so he can listen to it. Having a treat ready will encourage him to learn it. Over time increase the area when he starts responding.

Stay training

This is another major training your dog needs to have. Your dog should sit when you command him to. Again, having a treat ready at early stages is the best way to teach your dog. Slowly start increasing the distance and duration of the stay period.

Specify dog-time

It is important to specify and teach your dog that he has a particular entertainment time. Your dogs should not be expecting you to play with them all day or at random times. A certain time will give them a better idea when to play and make them calm in your home.

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