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5 ways to make your dog get along with a cat

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5 ways to make your dog get along with a cat

If you are one of those pet lovers who love dogs and cats equally, seeing them have trouble getting along sometimes might not be a new sight for you. It could also be that you might be a dog person while your spouse could be a cat person or vice versa. Each of you might have your own preferences in pets but that doesn’t mean you guys compromise on having only one pet now does it?

There are times when dogs and cat get along pretty well without you even trying anything and there are times when they exhibit a behavior as if they are each other’s archenemies. This is not an issue if your dog and cat grew up together and saw each other as kittens or puppies.

So here are some ways that you can help your dog to like a cat. Know that cats are a tad bit stubborn but dogs are easy to comply and so here are just some ways you can help both of them like each other or at least co-exist peacefully under the same roof:

⦁ Make a separate area for their me-time if possible

Every dog is different and reacts differently with cats. It also depends how much a cat is willing to reciprocate a well. There are some aggressive dogs that have killed kittens and there are feisty felines who never let a dog come near them no matter how good their intentions are. The way to bridge the gap between these species is to give them ample space to be themselves and have their own personal space. If they know that their personal space is never threatened, they will eventually learn to get along with each other.

⦁ Age differences

If you don’t have a dog and are planning to get one, a puppy would be a better choice because it will be more adaptive to the environment and the mood of a cat. This will prevent any feline vs. canine battles that could break out easily due to tensions. Puppies are cute and harmless and cats wouldn’t mind them coming near.

⦁ Babysit them together for the first few days

Introduce your dog to the cat and vice versa. It is good to give the their own space but it is equally important for them to be in the same room as each other and be at ease with each other’s presence. Once you start seeing them behave fine and not get bark and hiss at each other, you can slowly start the next step.

⦁ Let them play with each other

So after you have made them realize that they are going to be living together in the same house with you, it’s time to bring in some fun. Include both of them in playtime activities such as ball or soft pet toys. Give them some treats if they show good behavior. This will reinforce their bond even more that playing together gets them treats.

⦁ Keep the dog on a leash

When you first introduce your dog, ensure that it is restrained. Since they are different species, their body gestures could mean different things to them. Once your dog knows that you won’t allow it to behave aggressively with the cat, it will taper down its behavior. Also, if your cat has just given birth to kittens, it is best not to let the dog near them.

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