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How to Care for a Senior Dog

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How to Care for a Senior Dog

Since a dog is like your best friend and just like a family member, you need to make sure that as it ages, its different needs are taken care of. A dog’s needs changes with time. You need to make sure your dog spends his final years happily and with the least amount of sickness.
Some signs your dog is getting old
• Gray coat and hair
• Loss of energy—not wanting to go for walks or play much.
• Taking time to go one place to another or have slow responses
• Poor eyesight
If you notice any of these signs, this means your dog is entering his old age.
Here are some tips to take care of your dog:


1. Vet trips

It’s really important that you get your aging dog for a checkup by the vet. Although some illnesses are a normal sign due to your canine buddy getting old, but sometimes there could be other issues which might need to be looked. If your dog is throwing up, digestion issues, frequent urination etc take it to the vet as soon as you can.

2. Tone down the physical activity

You should never cut down your dog’s regular walk and play schedule but realize that just like humans even dogs lose their energy and vigor throughout the years and need to rest more in their later years. Just make some tweaks and adjustments here or there so that your dog doesn’t feel worn out and its bones are not affected.

3. Give it nutritious food

Gone are the days when you could give your dog some junk food which you were eating yourself. There are special dog foods that are made for senior dogs and you should ensure it gets the brand which has the least amount of preservatives. Try to include raw and organic foods to its diet and make sure it stays hydrated. Give your dog softer treats that are easy on the teeth

4. Keep on loving

Just because your dog has become slower as compared to the highly energetic pup you once had it as years ago, don’t stop showing it love. This is the age when dogs should be getting even more affection. They are sensitive creatures and will feel isolated if there a new pet in the house that you get more engaged with. Give your dog lots of hugs, kisses and petting. This will enhance its mood and it will be willing to stay active more often.

5. Make things accessible and safe

If your dog has trouble climbing the stairs to its play pen then make some minor adjustments to your home and senior proof it for your dog. Keep treats, toys and its play pen downstairs. Ensure the area does not have any extreme temperatures that could make it sick easily.

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