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How Often Should You Walk Your Dog? Here's What Vets Recommend

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Walks are important for dogs of all ages and sizes, yet only about 41 percent of owners take their dogs out for regular walks. It's in every dog's best interest to go for frequent walks, helping to build up muscle and prevent disease.

With lives that are so busy these days, it easy to wonder how often should you walk your dog. How often is enough? Do you need a dog walker?

If you're wondering these same questions, keep reading to learn the answers!

How Often Should You Walk Your Dog?

On average, it's best to take your dog out for a walk three to four times a day. Applying this average to your routine is a good baseline, but it leaves out a lot of the specifics.

Individual factors such as breed and age play a big role in the frequency of necessary exercise.

The Differences Between Breeds

Some breeds require far more exercise than others to stay happy and healthy. Their breeding focused on activities like hunting and shepherding which often leaves these breeds with lots of excess energy when not put to good use. Dog breeds with high-energy output include:

  • Sheepdogs
  • Cattle Dogs
  • Border Collies
  • Huskies
  • Dalmatians

If your pup is one of these breeds, adding in an extra walk or two will help expend a lot of that excess energy.

General Health

Healthier dogs are capable of longer and more frequent walks. They'll love going on as many journeys with you as possible.

With a dog that is new to a walking routine, it's better to go with shorter or less frequent walks until their health improves. If the dog has been home alone for a long time, take them for a walk right away.

If you're uncertain about the stamina of your dog, start small and build your way up. Take notes for how long the walk lasted before he started getting tired and slowing down. This will give you a great basis for future walks.

Older Versus Younger Dogs

The older a dog gets, the more important walks become, though the frequency of them should slow down. Older dogs can't keep up with too many walks and they don't need to burn off any excess energy. It's still important to keep up their exercise with a walk or two every day so that they stay healthy!

Puppies are the exact opposite. They have so much extra energy, they don't know what to do with it all. This is why they like to chew up things before they've learned their training.

Puppies need extra walks to help their little legs to grow strong and to keep your furniture from accumulating bite marks.

Regular Walks Are An Important Part Of Dog Ownership

The answer to how often should you walk your dog? As often as possible, depending on the dog's needs. 

With regular exercise, your dog is healthier and happier and he won't act out as much. To make the deal even sweeter, the bond between you and your dog strengthens with each outing.

If your schedule is far too busy to fit in a walking routine, then let us help you. Check out our dog-walking services to ensure your pup gets all the exercise he needs!

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