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How to Choose a Dog Collar That Ensures Proper Fitment and Comfort

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Finding the perfect dog collar that not only fits your furry friend but makes him feel comfortable can be difficult. With so many different sizes, styles and materials out there, how can you know which collar will work for your pet?

Whether you're a new puppy owner or just looking for an upgrade, your dog must get the collar that best fits his needs.

Here's what to consider before you begin roaming the pet aisle to ensure you're making the right choice.

Dog Collar Sizing

This is where your journey to finding the right dog collar begins.

Before you start shopping, you need to know the size of your dog's neck. This is crucial because you don't want to pick a collar that's too tight or too loose.

Keep in mind that one way to tell if a dog's collar fits properly is by the two-finger rule. If you can slip two fingers underneath the collar easily, it's just right.

The best way to measure the size of your pet's neck is to use measuring tape. Gently wrap the tape around your dog's neck so that it resembles a collar and keep your finger on where the tape meets.

Then, add two inches to the measurement and voila! You've got your dog's neck size and you're ready to shop.


Each style of dog collar performs a certain function. Here are a few of the best dog collars to know so that you aren't confused.

  • Standard collars are the most common among dog owners. They have bands that are made of nylon or rubber, with buckles that are either plastic or metal. This style is perfect for everyday wear, and are easy to put on or remove. Standard dog collars are made in a variety of colors and patterns, so have fun styling your pup!
  • Training collars aid in the training of your dog. Different types of training collars can be used for teaching your dog not to pull on a leash or to heel. It's important to use training collars properly because if not they can be harmful to your dog.
  • LED collars are a great, safe choice if you take your dog out after dark. These collars are built with either lights or reflective strips, which allows for cars and other pedestrians to see you and your dog.

Most of all, it's imperative that your dog is happy in his collar style. Looking for more ways to keep your canine smiling? Check out this post.


Like the various styles of dog collars, the material of the collar can also serve as a function depending on you and your dog's lifestyle.

Here are the three most common materials used for dog collars and what they can mean for your pet.

  • Nylon dog collars are generally inexpensive and they come in a wide range of colors, patterns, and styles. Also, nylon is a non-abrasive, flexible material which means your dog will be comfortable in it!
  • Leather is a more durable choice, so if your dog spends a lot of time outdoors this might be the material for you. Not to mention that a leather collar gives your dog that classic man's best friend look.
  • Waterproof BioThane is perfect for water-loving breeds. Coated in urethane and vinyl, this collar can withstand the elements and won't wear down. If you like to take your dog to the lake, this collar is for you.


1 out of 3 pets get lost at some point in their lifetime.

Custom dog collars can change that.

Having your dog's collar personalized with information like his name and your cell phone number can help ensure he gets home safe.

You can have the contact information printed directly onto the band of the collar, or you can customize attachable tags.

Lots of dog owners even choose to customize the color and pattern of their pet's collar. This is a fun way to express your dog's personality!

Go for a Walk

Now that you know what to consider when selecting a dog collar, you can be confident that the collar you choose will not only look great on your pet but allow him the proper fitment and comfort.

After you've made your purchase, there's only one thing left to do: leash up and head out the door!

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