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What your dog is telling you

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What your dog is telling you

Dogs are the most wonderful pets anyone can have but sometimes there are some ‘tell-tail’ signs that you need to watch out for to find out how and what is your dog feeling in a particular situation. Here are 5 important ways you can determine exactly what your dog is thinking or feeling:

⦁ The eyes

The eyes are the key to unravel your canine buddy’s emotions. The size and the shape of your dog’s eyes will easily tell you how it is feeling. If the eyes are normal then it means your dog is quite relaxed and comfortable. It shows that the dog is not stressed out with anyone or anything and is just going about his way. If the eyes are large and their shape is bit popped out then it means the dog feels threatened in some way. It’s a sign that your dog is scared and something is bothering it.

⦁ The mouth

A relaxed and happy dog will always have a happy or smiling face.  The mouth is a good indicator of its feelings. If the mouth is slightly open then it’s a sign that “all is good” if your dog is showing your teeth and even gums then its one happy dog.

⦁ Lying on their back

If a dog lays on its back shows you its belly then it’s a sign that it’s not only happy with you but also trusts you enough that it’s showing its belly to you. It also means “please rub my belly!” Dogs are playful creatures and they don’t require much to get happy. If you give them a head rub or belly rub then they will be smiling and wagging their tails all the time.

⦁ The Tail

If you can’t figure out your dog in any other way then a tail is a surefire way to get you to notice how it feels. A dog’s tail is like its antenna and a clear indicator of what it wants to tell you.
If a dog is comfortable then its tail will be in its normal position. But if the dog’s tail is wagging from side to side then it’s saying “I love you so much! You make me so happy!”

⦁ The Ears

The ears of a dog are a bit hard to read because every dog breed differs when it comes to the size and shape of the ears. Some have droopy ears while others have upright or pointy ears. But the easiest way to know is if the ears are in their natural position. If the ears are raised then it means the dog is either listening to something or is highly alert. If the ears are down then it could be a sign that it’s sad, stressed out or scared.

Note: If a dog is barking excessively and is aggressive then it’s a sign that it is either marking its territory from strangers or it doesn’t trust you.

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