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Dog Walking for the Elderly

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As clichéd as it sounds, it’s true that a dog is man’s best friend at any age and stage of life. From a child playing with it in the park, to your youth when you are going for a morning jog, or at a more advanced age when you need to go for a stroll of fresh air in the evening. A dog is always there for you no matter what. Although many people regularly walk their dogs, older people are less likely to do it due to the obvious reasons. Little do they know that a canine buddy can greatly enhance the quality of their lives, simply adding a regular walk on their daily schedule. If you need more convincing, here are some of the reasons why walking dogs is great for the elderly citizens.

1. Health

What better way to start a health regimen than by walking your dog? Older people don’t really have the interest nor the energy to go to the gym, as everything there is high impact and buzzing at a fast pace which they can’t keep up with. Gyms usually have loud music on as well, which can be harmful to their sensitive ears as well. For this reason it’s better for them to go and take a peaceful stroll in their neighbourhood every day. Studies show that, older people with dogs are less likely to suffer from stress, and they have a calming effect on them. Walking everyday is very beneficial for people with heart problems, diabetes, obesity, and can even reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s. So taking a dog to walk will give both of you the regular dose of fresh air and keep your organs polished.

2. Protection and aid

A well trained dog for an elderly is a must while walking, especially if they live alone. You never know who you might encounter, or if you start feeling sick then your dog can bark and run to get help from people. If some danger or threat is lurking around, then your dog can always be there to help and fend off anyone who might be of any danger to you. Similarly, a dog can also be there to protect your house from strangers trying to invade it.

3. Socializing

One of the coolest benefits for older people is that since they are usually living by themselves, dogs offer great companionship to them. When they go for a walk, they are more likely to be approached by people in the neighbourhood or park. Kids, couples and families etc will like to initiate a chat with an older person because they love dogs, and it will act as a common ground for other dog owners to have conversations as well. Studies suggest that older people are less likely to be depressed if they have a good social circle and also a pet they are emotionally invested in.

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