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The Advantages of Hiring a Dog Walker

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We get it; families are busy these days and it can be difficult to squeeze in a good walk for the dog. Fortunately, local dog walking services are available in virtually every city so it’s easy for pet owners to get their pups the attention they deserve. If you’re on the fence about hiring a dog walker or you’re skeptical about these services, read on to learn more.

It’s Affordable

You may think that you would have to shell out big bucks to have someone walk your dog but these services are actually decently priced. Of course, pricing varies depending on the geographic location of the business but most places charge less than $20 for a 30-minute walk. Considering that this service includes a walk as well as social time for your dog and updates about its temperament, this is a great deal. Besides, every dog deserves good healthy exercise and playtime with other dogs or people. Surely your dog is worth more than twenty bucks!

It’s Safe

These days, there are professional dog walking services in just about every city. In fact, entire companies have been founded on this idea that dogs deserve good-quality walks and fresh outdoor air. They are committed to providing this for dogs who have owners who are either out of town or too busy on some days to fit in a decent walk. To ease your mind, all professional dog walkers are thoroughly screened and have to go through a complete training process before they can join the team. In addition, they usually need to shadow a more seasoned dog walker in order to get a feel for how the service works and how to follow the strict protocols.

Moreover, most of these companies have an accompanying app that customers can download. It allows them to track their dogs’ location and get status updates from the dog walker, such as whether the dog went to the bathroom, how it behaved, and where it went during their walk. This holds dog walkers accountable while providing added peace of mind for clients.

It’s Convenient

This is perhaps the most common word that dog owners use to describe these services. Having someone come to the house and give the dog a great walk and socialization is convenient as well as invaluable. Dogs are just the same as people in many ways and without daily exercise and social interaction, they can get depressed, lonely, and even anxious. By hiring a dog walker, you are not only taking the pressure off of your shoulders but you are allowing your pup to get the care and attention that it needs and deserves.

Walks are a basic need for a dog so it should be of the utmost importance to dog parents. With the affordable prices, the availability in countless cities, and the convenience, there’s no reason not to try out this service for yourself! After just one visit with a professional dog walker, you are bound to notice the difference in your dog’s temperament.

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