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Your Dog Needs Their Daily Walk- Here’s Why

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Whether you have a small Boston terrier that likes to curl up in your arms or the majestic Springer spaniel known for their highly energetic bouts of physical activity – they all need brief moments of daily physical activity that simply cannot be substituted with love and affection no matter how much you pamper them indoors. Dogs are migratory animals that need to walk every single day, because for them, having a walk is just as necessary as surfing the net is for us. They have an innate desire to explore the world around them and to catch a whiff of the fresh air while studying bits and pieces of the local flora and fauna.

Your Dog’s Health

So whether they’re young and full of life, or ageing and fatigued – if they’re not given their daily dose of a brief walk around the neighborhood it will result in your dogs having frequent mood swings. All the energy inside of these animals accumulate to a ‘boiling point’ where they become increasingly aggressive – they will become unresponsive to whatever love and affection you might try to shower over them indoors.

Numbers Don’t Lie

According to the Association of Pet Obesity Prevention (APOP) more than 52% of dogs in the United States are overweight which increases their chances of contracting Type II diabetes, cancer and arthritis. So if you don’t want to cut short your dog’s lifespan – don’t become lazy with it. 

When your dog is showing aggressive behavior or looks bored to the point that it just stops caring, its finally time to take it for a walk. These are telltale signs that your dog might embark on destructive behavior sometime in the future. Studies have shown that walking your dog has both physical and mental health benefits, mitigating physiological indicators of stress excessive sniffing, licking of the nose and lips, panting and high blood pressure.

Mental Strain

Once your dog has spent some of its built up energy, you can then resume showering all your love and devotion to it. But if the prerequisites are not met, then prepare to face massive psychological fallout between you and your dog. You simply won’t be able to connect with your dog on a spiritual level – because the physical barriers imposed on your dog prohibit you from unlocking its true potential. 

As a busy person you cannot always take time out for your dog. Maybe every weekend or so, but on a daily basis and that too for an hour? It would be a tiresome activity for you and might result in you losing affection for your dog. Love does become stale when subjected to strenuous activity you know.

Hire Professional Help

At Fancy Paws Chicago Dog Walkers, we understand that you cannot always take your dog out for a walk, which is why we offer an arsenal of top notch services that you can avail for an economical price point without sacrificing at all on the emotional side of things. We have a dedicated team of animal lovers who undergo specialized training which equips them in handling dogs of all breeds, sizes and ages.

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