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9 Essentials You Must Have for Walking Your Dog

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Dog walking 101 – you need a leash; and a dog, right? Wrong! There are so many other essentials you should have when you are taking your or your neighbor’s dog for a walk.

For you and your dog to have the best and safest walking experience, you must have these items on your dog walking checklist.

1.    Collar

We have all seen those adorable collars at the store, and are tempted to buy them all. But selecting a collar for your dog is more than just making a style statement; it is about their comfort.

A collar should never be too tight because your dog will then be uncomfortable, or too loose that your dog’s head might slip out of it.

You also must have your contact information on your dog’s collar. It is better to be safe than sorry.

2.    Doggy Treats 

To reward your dog’s good behavior, you must always have some treats handy. A yummy doggy treat now and again will keep canine friend motivated and encouraged.

3.    Water Bowl and Bottle

We are into the spring season, and pretty soon summer will be upon us. It is important that you keep a water bottle and your dog’s water bowl at the ready.

Your dog needs to be hydrated after all the exercise and fun play he will be doing.

4.    Toys

Are you taking your dog to the park for his walk? Why not keep his favorite toy in your bag so he could play ‘fetch’ with it.

5.    No-Pull Harness

Do you have an over-active dog? If you think that the leash will be uncomfortable for your dog, you might want to put him in a comfortable no-pull harness.

Make sure that the harness fits your dog properly and won’t cause him any irritation.

6.    Extra Waste Bags

Perhaps one of the most important things to bring when you are walking your dog is an extra doggy poop bag. You must clean up after your dog; it is the responsible thing to do.

Always keep extra waste bags in your pocket or purse; you never know when you might need them.

7.    Reflective or Illuminated Collar 

Out for a nighttime stroll with your dog? You must have an illuminated harness or collar for your dog. Having an illuminated collar will make your dog visible from a distance.

You should also keep a flashlight on you as well, just in case.

8.    Weather Gear

You are out for a nice stroll, and it suddenly starts to rain. Weather is unpredictable like that. You must be prepared for everything. 

Keep a spare coat in your bag so you can cover your dog. You don’t want your pal to get sick.

9.    Comfortable Walking Shoes

For you to keep up with your dog, you must have comfortable walking shoes. You don’t want to cut your walk short because of “shoe-troubles.”

A happy dog is a healthy dog. Keep these essentials with you whenever you take your dog out for a walk and it will be a pleasant experience for both of you.

Are you too tired to walk your dog after a long day of work? Don’t worry; Fancy Paws is here for you. We will take care of your dog like it’s our own.

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